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Height: 5"8   |   Eye Color: Chestnut/Brown   |   Hair Color: Dark Blonde | 03/15/1999

Hey there, my name is Henri Tomic and I am a young actor, primarily for TV/Film and Musical Theatre. In the past I had several opportunities to gain several experiences on stage and in front of the camera. And I can't wait to expand my portfolio to many more roles. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you require any further information. :)

Henri Tomic



TV60Filmproduktion / ZDF |  München Mord -  Ausnahmezustand | 2020  |  Student Fabian (Supporting) 

ARD | Daheim in den Bergen | 2019 | Wanderer #3 (Featured)

Student Production  |  Die Flucht (Historical Production) |   2019  |  Frank (Principal)


Constantin Entertainment/Sat1   |   Meine Klasse - Voll das Leben   |   2018-2019  |   Oscar Schuhmann ( Recurring, 10 EPs)



Constantin Entertainment   |   Fünf Freunde - die Kaufstadtfrauen   |   2019  |   Tobias Breuer (Guest)



Constantin Entertainment   |   Escape Room   |   2019  |   Gerry Zahn (Supporting)



Student Production  |  Die Todesnachricht  |   2019  |   Ralf Bergbauer (Principal)



RichArt Productions |  Lieber Herr Präsident  |   2017-2018  |   Journalist William (Lead)



Student Production  |  Nebenwirkungen  |   2017-2018  |  Wahlhelfer (Supporting)



Neue Deutsche Filmgesellschaft  |  Um Himmels Willen  - Schuldgefühle |   2017  |  Dancer (Dancer/Featured Role)



miscellaneous Extra/ Bit-Size Roles (partially with lines) including "Fack Ju Göhte", "Sturm der Liebe", "Tod in einer Kalten

Nacht", "Tonio und Julia", "Trautmann", "Marie fängt Feuer", "Frühling", "Die Chefin", "Aktenzeichen XY" and many more


Her Majesty's theatre |   Alice in Wonderland  |   2017  |   'The White Rabbit'

The Brook Theatre  |   The Pirates of Penzance  |   2018  |   Ensemble/Sergeant of Police

The Brook Theatre   |  The Seagull |   2018  |   Konstantin Treplev


Deutsche Lufthansa AG   |   Commercial Photo Shoots and Video Recordings  |   2017  |  Young Student travelling the world 

Teaching /Coaching/Marketing

International School Augsburg   |   Student teacher for Drama, (Screen-) Acting and Movement  |   2019   

Ballettakademie Payer   |   Acting Tutor / Marketing & Social Media Manager  |   2019- 


ruf Jugendreisen   |   Language and Acting Tutor/ Academic Director & Head of Language  |   2019-  

Livestreamartsfitness   |   Acting Teacher / Audition Coach  |   2020 -

Studienkreis GmbH | Head of Education / Tutor / Academic Director / Productmanagement | 2020-

div. | Acting, Audition & Voice | 2018 -  

 Training & Workshops 

The Acting Studio - New York  / James Price  |   Acting Training (Meisner, Scenestudy,...)  |   2020-

Ward Acting Studio  / Wendy Ward   |  Meisner based Acting Training  |   2020-2021

Acting Academy (Principal Mark Pegg) | 3 Year Drama School | 2020- 

Dr. Monika Hein | Voice, (German) Elocution, Sprecherziehung, Stimmbildung | 2020-

Bridge To Broadway | Daily Masterclasses with Broadway and Hollywood Professionals | 2020 

The Singers Space/Rachel Lynn/ Alice Fearn | Singing/Voice Training | 2020-

VO Dojo - Tish Hicks | Voice Over Training | 2020

Jessica Blank | Character based Storytelling | 2020

Cosson's School of Performing Arts (UK)   |   Musical theatre, Physical theatre, Screen acting   |   09-12/2018

Balletakadademie Payer   |   Dance/Ballet  |   2016-2019

Paco Ruiz-Echarri   |   Private Ballet training  |   2016-2019

Performing Arts Studio Munich   |   Musical theatre/singing training   |   2017-2019

West End Stage (London)  |  Summer Intensive  |   2017 | Graduated with Distinction

Get into Drama School (London) |    Acting/Musical Theatre Intensive  |   2017

Bayrischer Ballet Exchange   |   Dance intensive  |   2018

Cathie Mullen/Cassandra van Oort   |   Private Acting Coaching   |   2016-2018

Acting Masterclass  | Interactive Distance Learning Classes   |   approx. 100 Lessons between 2017 and 2018

by Helen Mirren, Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffmann and Samuel L. Jackson


Singing Masterclass by Christina Aguilera |   Interactive Distance Learning Classes    |   2018

Acting/Directing/Filmmaking Masterclass by Jodie Foster  |   Private Acting Coaching   |   2019

West Side Story International Tour 2017 | West Side Story Masterclass/ Deutsches Theater   |   2017

Lorenzo Patané (Sturm der Liebe etc.) | Private Acting Coaching  |   2019 -

Amy Jo Bergman (Casting Director) | Acting/Performance/Audition Coaching  |   2018 -

 Xanxstudio/Katja Kessler| Private/Ensemble Voice Lessons/ Singing training | 2016 - 2018

Daniella Engelhard/Camillo Walcher | Private Vocal Coaching/ Ensemble Singing | 2009 - 2013

Disney Germany/Kenny Ortega | Dance Masterclass "The Descendants| 2013

Globe Business College | Several Workshops in Presentation Skills and Public Speaking | 2016

Classes/Tutors throughout the term of training included:

Screen Technique, TV/Stage by Vicky Alcock

Acting/Greek Theatre/Improvisation by Adam Leese 

Acting/Public Speaking, Voice/Accents by Sophie Cosson

Ensemble Singing,Voice Technique, Singing Technique/Anatomy, Music Theory, Acting/Practitioners by Richard Kent 

Physical Theatre, Body work, Body conditioning, Meditation, Jazz Dance, Ballet by Mark Chalk-Iles

Private Singing, Musical Theatre Repertoire Vocals by Jess Bastick-Vines

Body conditioning, Ballet, Musical Theatre History, Musical Theatre Repertoire/Dance by Leyla Pellegrini 

Tap Dance by Aimee Worth, Stunts/Action/Stage Combat/Weapon handling by Nic Goodey,

Movie Musicals/Dance by Joe Allen, Audition technique/Mindset training by Sophia Ragavelas amongst others

Classes/Tutors include:

Jazz Dance by Jasmin Georgi, Valentina Piperato

Ballet by Andy Werner, Thierry Paré 

Hip Hop/Choreology/Commercial by Sylvie Göttling

Pop/Rock/Musical Theatre singing by Zoe Stibi

Jazz/Pop singing by Alice Viola

Pop/Soul/Musical singing by Kevin Rogers

Vocal technique/Stimmbildung by Daniela Naini

Classes by Westend Professionals include:




Rehearsals (Alice in Wonderland)

'Wicked' Masterclass

'Hamilton' Masterclass

Stage Makeup Masterclass


Classes by leading Drama School Tutors / Producers include: 

Acting for monologues, choosing Speeches/Scenes,  Golden Rules of Auditioning, Make the most of your Voice, Movement, Improvisation, Singing/Acting through Song, Dance, Ensemble Work, Audition Technique/Warming up, ...

Masterclasses by Tony/Dramdesk winners, World famous Voice and Acting Coaches,  Composers, Choreographers ... , including:

Erik Liberman, Alan Menken, Larry Moss, Ann Reinking, Ted Sperling, Adam Chanler-Berat, Arian Moayed, 

Randi Luckman, Jay Duplass, Ali Stroker, Michael McElroy, André De Shields, Shakina Nayfack, Alison Franck, Kaitlin Hopkins, Katja Zarolinski, Kim Sykes, Annie Grindlay, Jason Gotay, Jon Rua, Joan Lader, Telly Leung, Chris Gattelli, George Abud, Judith Light, Michele Shay, Stephanie J. Block, Baron Kelly... A

 Special Skills 

Bi-lingual German / English,  Fundamental French, Dance, Singing, Fitness, Photography, Design, Teaching Experience (Dance, Acting, Body Conditioning, Drama,...) , basic Business management / Marketing experiences and training, Videography/ Cinematography, Experiences in Event Management, Stage Craft/ Combat, Weapon-handling, Mindfulness training and many more :)

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